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Mars Landing Sites!

This is a map of Mars topography made using MOLA data. MOLA is the laser altimeter aboard the Mars Global Surveyor. MOLA takes data about a planet's topography by sending laser pulses at the surface. When the time it takes for the pulse to return to the instrument is measured, the distance to the object the pulse hit can be measured. This method has been used to map Mars, parts of Earth, and in the near future, Mercury. This map is false color, with each color representing a different elevation. Black and purple are the lowest elevation, with white being the highest.

We have marked all the Mars landing sites on this MOLA map. Just click on a star on the map for more information about that landing site!

Viking 1 Pathfinder Opportunity Viking 2 Spirit MOLA Map of Mars

High-resolution labeled map with landing sites marked. (41.8 MB)
Note: This image is very big. To download, click and hold your mouse on the link. When the menu pops up, you can save the file to your computer.

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